Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 79

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mother (AKA Grandma) and 7 year-old daughter (AKA Maddie).

Our first game of the morning was The Settlers of Catan. While Settlers has been around for many years, we've just recently discovered its gaming goodness. I ended up winning with 10 points (4 Settlements, 1 City, Longest Road and 2 Victory Points for the Market and Chapel), Grandma was 2nd with 5 points (4 Settlements and 1 Victory Point for the Governor's House), while Maddie came 3rd with 4 points (2 Settlements and the Largest Army).

The game box

I was that engrossed in playing the game I totally forgot to take a photo of our game in progress (d'oh!). So I took a photo of our game box which is the 2003 Mayfair edition. I think I prefer art of the board and cards in the 2007 Mayfair edition though.

It was only Grandma and myself for our second game of the morning which was the excellent Reiner Knizia-designed Battle Line. I won this game convincingly with 5 points (an Envelopment) to Grandma's 0 points.

Grandma was pwned!


coljenn said...

Hi, just found your blog via BGG, sounds like you have a lot of things competing for gaming time. I am lucky, retired brit living in Austria, plenty of time but no playing partners. Only the wife who is not too keen on games but will play if I twist her arm. Funnily we too have just discovered Settlers. I played years ago with my gaming group in the UK, but the wife actually likes this one. Maybe you would like to check out my gaming/Austria blog here.
Happy Gaming

Ozvortex said...

Thanks - I've checked it out and subscribed. Cheers, Wayne.