Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 91

It was just my mother (AKA Grandma) and myself in attendance for our Saturday morning gaming session.

We played the one game of Red November and as there would only be two of us we decided to play with two gnomes each. I played orange and light green and mum played purple and yellow.

Strangely enough, three of our four gnomes started in room 4 whilst the fourth gnome started in room 1. We decided to send yellow down the end of the sub to the Captain's room to raid his stash of grog. The plan was that yellow would then pass out the bottles of grog to the rest of the gnomes. Grog is valuable as it is only one of two ways to enter a room on fire (the other being the fire extinguisher).

We tackled the problems fairly well, concentrating on putting out fires and focusing on fixing some timed events which came fairly early in the game. We didn't worry too much about blocked doors initially but they were to become a problem later in the game.

The sub just seconds from a nuclear meltdown.

We actually got through the deck once (which we failed to do in our first game last week). It was the second time through the deck which gave us real trouble. We pulled a couple of timed events fairly early, which combined with the blocked doors really gave us a hard time. It got to a point when we were only 10 minutes from rescue with the heat track on 8 when I pulled the card which causes the heat to increase by 2. I moved the cube up to 10 on the track - Nuclear meltdown! Wow, so close, yet so far. Still, we had a blast and there's always next week.

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