Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gaming with Grandma - 119

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mum (AKA Grandma) and 9 year old elder daughter Maddie. This morning we played Atlantis (AKA Escape from Atlantis). Grandma took yellow, Maddie took red and I took green.

The board at the beginning of the game

We'd placed all our people one at a time at the beginning of the game and then I realised that I'd forgotten to place the ships at their designated starting points. Rather than go through the initial people placement process again we just left the people where they were. I suspect that the placement of people would have looked different had we all known where the ships were going to be. I'll read the set up rules more clearly next time.

Maddie made an early start and was able to get a ship with two of her people and one of mine to the safety of one of the outlying island harbours. As the outer parts of Atlantis started to sink that's when all manner of sea creatures were attracted to the screams of the terrified Atlanteons. There is a sense of evil enjoyment as one sends a sea serpent to destroy a ship filled with your opponent's people. Maddie's now at an age where she's less likely to take personally a move that hinders her, and can even take pleasure in 'take that' moves she makes herself.

Chaos ensues as the ocean drinks Atlantis

Final scores were Maddie and me sharing 1st place with 4, and Grandma coming 2nd with 2. I'm not aware of a tie-break mechanic in Atlantis although Maddie reached her score before I did. I was just happy to share the win.

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Fraser Anderson said...

That looks a lot like a game I used to have back in the 1980s called "survive" is it a remake?