Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mop & Bucket

I found a package from my brother in the mailbox this afternoon. It was an unexpected package and on opening it I found it contained a black 100% cotton t-shirt. When I held the t-shirt up I recognised that it was a Mop & Bucket clan t-shirt!

You see, when I got my PS3 back in May this year my brother invited me to join the PS3 gamer clan of which he is a member - the Mop & Bucket clan. A clan (or guild) is group of players who play online games together. The Mop & Bucket clan have members from all around Australia and they are a great bunch of guys and gals.

The front of the t-shirt has the M&B logo

The back of the t-shirt has the M&B motto and is personalised with my PSN username DocShatgun.

I just wanted to say "thanks Bro!", it was a pleasant surprise and I'll wear it with pride. It's my shout next time you're in Brisbane.


bigpudmikepercy said...

No probs Doc glad you liked it, but choose your words carefully you know how much I drink hahahah ;)

Richard Bone said...

I REALLY REALLY need to know how I can order 5 of these shirts!!!! Please get back to me ASAP by email to