Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bunya Crossing

This afternoon we (me, my wife and our two kids) went for a picnic at Bunya Crossing on the banks of the South Pine River. This lovely secluded area is only about 10 minutes drive from where we live.

A nice place for a picnic

This beautiful place, in the heart of the northern Brisbane suburbs, is only moments from houses and roads but feels like a world away. We were not even aware it existed until recently. We'll definitely be back.


Friendless said...

Is it National Park, or some other protected area that would prevent me from taking my dog there? Because she'd totally love that spot!

Friendless said...

Oops, in fact looking at Google Maps I discovered that's exactly where we went on Sunday, because another gamer lives just near there. Yes, wonderful spot.

Ozvortex said...

Hi Friendless. It's a council park at the end of Dugandan Rd. I saw a sign about dogs needing to be on leashes but there was a lady and her unleashed dog playing by the water as we were about to leave. Apart from that it was a pretty quiet area, only a couple of kids fishing and the odd bicycle rider.