Friday, July 08, 2011

Family day out

It was a beautiful mid-winter day here today. A typical mid-winter day in Brisbane is a cool morning and evening, but a warm day with a clear blue sky and not a cloud in sight.

Fortunately it was also a day off work for me. I had made plans for a family day out with my wife Deb, daughters Maddie and Georgia, my Mum, my brother Mike, his partner Sharon and her son Tom.

The seven of us arrived around 11.30am at Progress Park at Scott's Point on the Redcliffe Peninsula for a BBQ lunch.

Progress Park is a nice little area with tables and free gas barbecues. It also has a lovely view of the beach below.

After lunch we went for a walk along the beach.

Georgia found a piece of coral shaped like a duck.

We then drove to Scarborough at the other end of the peninsula where we spent some time flying some kites I'd brought along.

After that we were all feeling like a treat so we drove to a Baskins-Robbins for some ice-cream.

Later that afternoon Mike took us to a park at Clontarf where he did some metal-detecting.

We found a bit of rubbish like bottle tops, cans and old ring-pulls, but we also found some coins and a couple of pendants, one of which was Stirling silver.

All in all a great family day out.

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