Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gaming With Grandma - 22

My Mum (Grandma) changed her visiting day to Sunday due to Maddie having a birthday party with some school friends at a local rollerskating rink on Saturday. One of Maddie's friends gave her the board game Fairyland Adventure as a present and Maddie was eager to try it out this morning.

Fairyland Adventure is a children's roll and move game where the players (fairies) are searching for items in the forest to enable them to gain a magical ring which will then allow them to travel to the Castle Clouds to locate an invitation into Fairyland. I must admit that while I found the game play boring the board and bits were beautiful. The game is based on based on Shirley Barber's Fairies books.

Some of the beautiful artwork on the board with coloured plastic gem playing pieces

Maddie displaying one of the magic rings players may wear

I was the first fairy to enter Fairyland with Maddie and Grandma coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

I chose the next game. Coloretto was part of a recent gaming purchase and this was my first opportunity to get it on the table. I've played Coloretto once before and my records indicate that was back on 22 February 2006.

It's a quick fun game where the choice is either to play a card from the face down deck and play it to a row of cards on the table or take a row of cards that is already on the table. It's a set collection game where you try and score points in three colours only because cards of other colours will score against you.

I quite enjoyed this game. I was 1st on 49, Maddie was 2nd on 41 and Grandma was 3rd on 37.

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