Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spiele aus Deutschland!

Games from Germany! Fellow board gamer Friendless recently put in a games order to Germany and offered some other Brisbane gamers to share the cost of postage with him. This was an opportunity to get some games which may not be available in Australia and at a cheaper price than if they were.

I ordered Der schwarze Pirat, Razzia! and Burg Appenzell. These are all language independent games - they do not have any writing on the board or game pieces that would affect play for an English speaker. Two of them come with rules in English and I can get the translated rules for the third game from BoardGameGeek.

Friendless was nice enough to bring them into work with him today and as I only work in the next city block I was able to meet him for the pick up. I hope to play a couple of these games on Saturday morning so I'll post again then.


Fraser Anderson said...

how it the pirate one? I just sent this to Canada for my nephew's 5th birthday...

Ozvortex said...

Beautiful components. I've had a look through the rulebook and it sure looks fun. The only concern I have is with the ability of little ones to use the bellows. I hope to play it next weekend and will blog about it. Your nephew is a lucky boy having an uncle with access to all those cool German games!