Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gaming With Grandma - 40

My mother (Grandma to our kids) came over today for a visit. Maddie wanted to play Guess Who with Grandma so they both sat down at the dining room table played 4 games. Maddie won three games and Grandma won one. Guess Who is a simple deduction game that can be made more interesting by each player having more than one mystery person to guess.

After they'd finished I chose Cartagena for the three of us to play. Maddie chose red, Grandma chose yellow and I took green. I positioned Grandma on my right to make it more difficult for me. Cartagena is one of those games where it does make a difference who precedes you in the turn order. Grandma led for most of the game with me making a comeback in the last few turns to take the win. Final scores were me on 6, Grandma on 4 and Maddie on 1. An exciting game.

The final game of the morning was Heroscape. We were able to use some figures from the recently purchased expansion set Thora's Vengeance (Wave 5). I took Grimnak, Ne-Gok-Sa, Marro Warriors, Tarn Viking Warriors and the Deathreavers. Grandma took Krav Maga Agents and Warriors of Ashra. Maddie took Raelin the Kyrie Warrior and the Nakita Agents.

Once again it was going to be Grandma and Maddie against me. This time I had an army the same value as both of theirs combined. However, while they each had one set of order markers for each of their armies I only had one set of order markers for my combined army. This meant they had twice as many orders as I. This certainly affected the game balance.

Of course I was totally outgunned. To even up the balance next time I think I'll run two armies rather than one big one. To handicap myself I'll adjust the values of my armies rather than limit myself with reduced orders. Even though I lost I still had heaps of fun.

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