Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Culling Begins...

My boardgame collection has grown a lot over the last few years. My profile at BoardGameGeek shows that I own 224 games. I'm at a point now where I have a pretty good feel for what games are keepers and which aren't. I also have a number of old games which I've never played and I'm fairly certain I never will. On top of this I also have collections of role playing games and miniatures games which are unlikely to hit the table any time soon (if ever).

The forces of time and space were the catalyst for me reviewing my gaming collection. Time is precious and with a family including little kids I do not have time for games that take over about an hour. That pretty well accounts for all my role playing games, miniatures games and wargames.

Space is the other consideration. Games take space. As our kids grow more of the house will need to be family area. Although I have a limited area to store my games it is now overflowing. I want to restrict myself to this area so that when future gaming purchases are made some of the less played games will have to go.

So with all that in mind I recently put some games up for auction on eBay. This is what they sold for:

Heroquest (to buyer in Western Australia- Australia) - AU$39.05

Heroquest - Kellar's Keep (to buyer in Netherlands) - AU$36.00

Heroquest - Return of the Witch Lord (to buyer in Netherlands) - AU$37.00

Samurai Swords - (to buyer in New South Wales - Australia) - AU$84.00

Hundred Days Battles - (to buyer in New South Wales - Australia) - AU$12.37

Although I made over $200 the sad part is that I only reduced my BGG games owned from 224 to 223 by the sale of Hundred Days Battles. I still have more copies of the others.

Back to the culling.

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