Sunday, March 09, 2008

Family Gaming - 2

Sunday evening, after the kids had been fed, bathed and teeth brushed, I suggested we play some games before bedtime. In attendance were my wife, Deb, our daughters, Maddie (6), Georgia (2) and myself.

Our first game was Loco!, a Knizia-designed game. It's fun, fast and easy to understand. Georgia alternated between Mummy and Daddy's laps trying to grab the brightly coloured disks. Finals scores were me 24, Deb 20 and Maddie 19.

Maddie's bright yellow card holder (in the background) comes in use once again

Our second game was Der Plumpsack Geht Um (AKA Sherlock). This is a fun memory game. We agreed to play with 10 cards laid out on the table with the winner the first person to claim 3 cards. After my first turn I was regretting that we chose this many cards (it had been a long day and I was tired - at least that was my excuse!). Deb, as always, is very good at memory games. She ended up winning with 3, myself with 2 and Maddie with 0.

Photo taken just before Deb claimed the lightbulb card

Then it was time for bed.

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