Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 57

Another Saturday morning of gaming with my mother (AKA Grandma) and elder daughter (AKA Maddie). Younger daughter (AKA Georgia) was having a nap and mummy (AKA Deb) was at work.

First up was The Amazing Labyrinth. Although this is a family favourite this was the first time we'd played it in 2008. Each of us had 8 items to find. I was green, Grandma yellow and Maddie red. The adults were allowed to only look at their top card and Maddie was allowed to look at her top 4 cards. I suggested we reduce Maddie's handicap to perhaps 3 cards but she didn't want to.

The shifting maze

Maddie soon shot to a commanding lead. At one stage the scores were Maddie 7, Grandma 4 and myself 3. The first player to find all 8 items and return to their starting point would be the winner. Maddie stalled on her last item which allowed Grandma and I to catch up. It was a very close game. I ended up winning with all 8 items and the first to reach my starting point, Maddie came second also with 8 items and Grandma had 7.

Our second game of the morning was another firm favourite enjoying its first play of the year - Cartagena. Maddie sat this one out so it was just myself and Grandma. We played using the normal rules (as opposed to the Tortuga rules). Grandma made the mistake of allowing some of her pirates to fall behind which made it very difficult for her at the end. I went on to take the win. I really enjoy this game.

Hard to see, but all 6 of my green pirates are on the boat - Only 2 of Grandma's yellow pirates escaped.

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