Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blood Bowl Bargain

A quick post about a recent bargain I scored. My wife was at a school fete a couple of weekends ago while I was at home minding the kids. I received a call from her asking if I wanted her to buy me a copy of Blood Bowl which was selling for $10. The lady who was selling it said it was her son's and she thought it was complete.

I've been aware of Games Workshop's Blood Bowl for many years now and knew it was a popular game. I asked my wife what edition it was as I quickly searched through BoardGameGeek. It turned out it was 3rd edition with two teams - Humans and Orcs. She didn't complain too much when I asked her to check the contents (what a wife!). She said it appeared to be mostly complete but some miniatures were missing. When she pointed this out to the person selling they dropped the price to $2! Did I still want it? For $2? You bet!

When she arrived home I eagerly checked the contents.
  • Blood Bowl playing field (large mounted board) (present)
  • 12 plastic Orc players (present)
  • 12 plastic Human players (4 missing)
  • 4 plastic footballs (present)
  • Blood Bowl Handbook (missing)
  • The Blood Blowl Painting Guide (missing)
  • How to Play blood Bowl Guide (missing)
  • 50 sheet pad of Team Rosters (missing)
  • 2 Quick Reference Sheets (present)
  • 2 Team Cards (present)
  • 4 Star Player Cards (missing)
  • 2 Colour Dugouts (present)
  • 37 Colour Counters (present)
  • 1 Scatter Template (present)
  • 1 Range Ruler (present)
  • 2 six sided dice (present)
  • 1 eight sided die (present)
  • 3 special Blocking Dice (present)
I'm not concerned with the missing rules & guides as they've all been superseded by the Blood Bowl: Living Rulebook which can be downloaded for free. Most importantly I have the majority of the miniatures, the board, counters, dice and templates. The main concern is the missing 4 Human players but I should be able to find some spare minis to convert when I finally get around to playing this.

All in all it was $2 well spent!

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