Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Armies, One Afternoon...

I've got to say I'm a big fan of Richard Borg's Commands & Colors system. I own and enjoy playing Battle Cry, Memoir '44 and BattleLore. The only one in this series that I have played but don't own as yet is Borg's ancient warfare version of the C&C system - Commands & Colors: Ancients.

I first played C&C:Ancients back in 2006 and thought it was perhaps the best implementation of the C&C system. In the past I've enjoyed playing ancients using various miniatures rules and I find that C&C:Ancients gives me just the same enjoyment but in a shorter time. So when I noticed an Australian mail order shop with a 20% off sale on wargames I finally made the decision to buy the base game and all three expansions - Commands & Colors: Ancients, Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #1: Greece and Eastern Kingdoms, Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #2: Rome and the Barbarians, and Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #3: The Roman Civil Wars.

The only problem is that they weren't all in stock. I've only received C&C: Ancients Expansion Pack #1: Greece and the Eastern Kingdoms. But that's alright as I'm also a big fan of Alexander the Great so it was fitting that I received this first.

As I had a day off work today I decided to prepare the game for playing. So this afternoon I sat down in front of the TV, put on the 3rd season of Deadwood on DVD, and stuck stickers on all the blocks.

I turned this...

Into this!

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