Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 83

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mother (AKA Grandma) and 7 year-old daughter (AKA Maddie).

Maddie had been rummaging through her toy/games cupboard and had found three of her games that she wanted to play.

The first of her games was Bratz Genie Magic: As You Wish. In this roll-and-move game players are trying to gather wish points to then spend on certain magic items. There is some minor conflict when more than one player attempts a wish contest to see who has the most wish points to claim a magic item. Maddie won with 3 magic items, Grandma had 1 and I had none.

The second game was Madeline's House. This is another roll-and-move children's game where the object is to be the first to reach the attic of Madeline's house. A die with coloured dots determines how far you move. Maddie won.

The third game of the morning was Madeline. This is a memory game where players are moving around Paris in search of missing puppies. Maddie found 3 of the 5 puppies to win the game.

I suggested our last game which was Risk Express. I'd wanted to buy this game ever since playing it last month with Friendless. I'd visited all the game shops in the city but couldn't find it. Thankfully Friendless tracked it down at Target at Chermside and got a copy for me.

Grandma and Maddie both enjoyed this game. Maddie did quite well and claimed all of Asia which gave her a guaranteed 10 points. Meanwhile, Grandma and I were squabbling over Europe and Africa. Maddie then took Australia and looked to have the game in the bag. Grandma and I had left it too late to start taking areas away from Maddie. Final scores were Maddie 15, Grandma 11 and me 9.

Maddie was quite chuffed that she won all four of our games this morning.

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