Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 93

My mother (AKA Grandma) popped around for a couple of games and a cup of tea this morning. Our first game was a 2-player game of Metro. I beat mum fairly convincingly last time we played. However, this game did not go all my way. She led early in the game and I was always within 5-10 points. About three-quarters of the way through the game I overtook her score and had a lead of about 10 points. She came back right at the end and just took the win by 2 points. Final score was Mum 98 and myself 96.


Our next game was another 2-player game, this time the cooperative board game Red November. We've played two games of this previously and lost both games. Our hope was that today we would actually get a win.

We played with two gnomes each. Mum was purple and yellow and I was orange and green. Last game we'd spent a lot of time on putting fires out and preventing the timed destruction events occurring. We decided to take a little bit more of a chance with fixing things in this game. If the issue was not too dire (such as a blocked hatch) we only took 5 minutes (a 50% chance). For the more urgent things we generally took around 8 minutes (with item assistance).

Red November

Around the 40 minutes to go mark my green gnome tried to put out a fire. I spent 5 minutes with the fire extinguisher (+3) giving me an 80% chance. I rolled a 9 and he died. Luck wasn't on our side. At around the 35 minutes to go mark one of the nuclear missiles exploded and we all died. I read on BGG comments from people saying they easily beat this game. They can't be playing by the correct rules.

Maddie joined us for the last game of the morning - Loco! We played three games and I won them all. Game 1 - Wayne 30, Grandma 28, Maddie 12. Game 2 - Wayne 27, Grandma 24, Maddie 14. Game 3 - Wayne 23, Grandma 22, Maddie 17.


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