Saturday, May 02, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 95

Another Saturday morning gaming with my mother (AKA Grandma) and elder 7 year old daughter Maddie. We decided to set up a game of Heroscape on the dining room table.

The set-up of the Jungle Guardians scenario

We decided to played the 'Jungle Guardians' scenario from the Ticalla Jungle expansion set. There is a glyph in the centre of the water feature which allows the player who has a character standing on it to control of squad of three Fyorlag Spiders.

It was a 325 point army for each of us with Maddie taking Raelin, Nakita Agents and Krug, Grandma taking Deathwalker 9000, Knights of Westron, 4th Massachusetts Line and Me-Burq-Sa, and myself taking Anubian Wolves, Khosumet the Darklord, Marro Warriors and Grimnak.

Maddie went on the attack early with her Nakita Agents taking out Grandma's Me-Burq-Sa on the first turn before he even had the chance to act. Grandma's forces mostly stayed in her deployment zone while she sent out Deathwalker 9000 to delay any further attacks on her troops.

I sent a squad of Marro Warriors to claim the glyph. I used my power to control the Fyorlag Spiders to good effect over the next few turns, eventually taking out Grandma's entire squad of Knights of Westron.

Then Maddie got Krug into the action. Krug claimed the high point overlooking the glyph and then started pounding on my Marro. Krug has a Hulk-like ability that increases the damage of his attacks if he is wounded. I moved my Anubian Wolves supported by Khomsumet up to take him on. I unleashed a flurry of attacks on Krug over the next couple of turns reducing him down to only a single life point. The problem was that at that point he could inflict his maximum amount of damage. He wiped out my Wolves and was left to wreak devastation as Khosumet high-tailed it for cover.

Krug - king of the hill

Krug then proceeded to smash my remaining Marro squad into tiny little piles of squishy flesh. Meanwhile, on the other side of the board, Maddie's Nakita Agents supported by Raelin were dealing a fair bit of damage to Grandma's 4th Massachusetts Line.

My Grimnak moved to take on Deathwalker 9000 under barrage of explosions. On his way Grimnak chomped down and swallowed one of Maddie's Nakita Agents. Yum. Grimnak did reach Deathwalker 9000 but then fell to a salvo of autocannon fire.

Grandma then started to retaliate against Maddie's forces and sent Deathwalker 9000 to share some love. It was crispy critter city for the remaining Nakita Agents. Krug also succumbed to the murderous fire of Deathwalker 9000.

Raelin and Deathwalker 9000 fight it out for supremacy

My last remaining figure, Khosumet, was knocked out on Turn 7 by a long range shot from Deathwalker 9000. The scenario finished on Turn 8. At that point Maddie only had Raelin left and Grandma only had Deathwalker 9000. Grandma was declared the winner due to having the most points left on the table.

A fun, quick little scenario and I was glad to have the opportunity to get Heroscape on the table again.

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