Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gaming With Grandma - 96

I haven't done much gaming lately due to recurring cold symptoms. However, Grandma dropped over this morning and Maddie insisted we all play some board games. Maddie even went so far as to stack up a pile of games and then have us play them in the order she'd determined from top to bottom.

Our first game of the morning was Coda. We played three games taking it in turns to be the first player. Grandma won twice and I won once.


The next game in Maddie's board game stack was For Sale. This quick little auction game has been a family favourite for quite some time. We played the one game with me winning on $80K, and Grandma and Maddie both sharing second place on $57K.

For Sale

Our next game was Diamant. This is a fun push-your-luck style of game. We used my home-made copy of the game. I went on to win with 71 points, Grandma was second on 57, while Maddie came third on 28.

Home-made Diamant

Our last game of the morning was Burg Appenzell (AKA Chateau Roquefort). This charming little action point/memory game is all about your mice trying to be the first to locate cheese in the castle. Maddie loves being able to slide the tiles to push a 'hole' tile under an unsuspecting opponent's mouse and have it fall into the depths of the castle. She ended up taking out two of Grandma's mice and one of my own before the game ended. I quite enjoyed this game and find it's growing on me. We played to the first to claim 5 types of cheese with me winning on 5 and both Maddie and Grandma sharing second place with 2 types of cheese.

Burg Appenzell

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