Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gaming with Grandma - 108

We played two different games in our regular weekly gaming session this Saturday morning. First up Mum and I played Battle Line. We decided to play two games, with each of us taking turns to lead with the initial card. Although the ancient battle theme is tacked on I find it does work well and with little imagination I can visualise two ancient armies clashing along a line of battle.

Trying to win an advantage at nine points along the line is the aim of the game. A win is scored for the first player to win three adjacent flags, or a five majority.

Mum beat me 5 flags to 3 in our first game. She achieved both victory conditions (i.e. 3 adjacent and 5 overall) on the same turn. I tried hard to even the score in our second game but she went on to thrash me 5 to 1, once again achieving both victory conditions on her turn. I always enjoy the tension of this game.

Maddie then joined us for a game of PitchCar Mini. We all really enjoy this fun dexterity game. We made a rule that if a player was in last place they could have two flicks of their car disc and this worked well. The lead constantly changed and it was very competitive for the entire three laps. Maddie went on to take the win with a final incredible shot.

Staged photo of the final placings - Maddie 1st, Wayne 2nd, Grandma 3rd

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