Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Two movies in one day

I went to see Avatar 3D at the Megaplex at Chermside by myself this morning. Absolutely loved the 3D experience and the visually stunning effects. Coming out of the movie I am now convinced that movie-making technology has developed to such a point that any story, no matter how visually demanding, can be realised. My excitement for the first of the Hobbit movies due for release in 2011 grows even more.

As the kids were staying overnight with their grandparents this evening, my wife suggested we go out for dinner and a movie. She recommended the Blue Room Cinebar at Paddington that she'd previously been to with a girlfriend. This small licensed cinema and bar complex only has a few small auditoriums where they show films. Each cinema has nice comfortable seating with a small table between the chairs. At the bar you can pre-book drinks, entrees and main meals and they will deliver them to you at nominated times during the movie. This is similar to the Gold Class experience some of the larger movie chains offer but in a more intimate surrounding. The delicious meals at the Cinebar come from the attached Thai restaurant. We both enjoyed the food and also the film we saw this evening, Sherlock Holmes.

Although they are much loved, what a pleasure it was to have some time alone without the kids.

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Ken Lee said...

I remember the Blue Room from when I was still a student in Brisbane. I'm glad to see that they're still around.

I never went there because it was too expensive for a student. But I always felt that it would be a great place to go.

Perhaps now that I'm no longer a poor student, I should try it out.