Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gaming With Grandma - 37

My Mum (Grandma to our kids) came over today for another Saturday morning gaming session. It was her 63rd birthday earlier in the week so we all (myself, my wife Deb, Maddie (aged 6) and Georgia (aged 20 months)) celebrated with a birthday cake and presents. Along with a bunch of red roses Grandma received the latest Scrabble dictionary and a magnetic travel Scrabble game.
After that it was on to our gaming session. Maddie requested that we play Heroscape. I'd played two games of this with Maddie last weekend by ourselves and she had been wanting to play again all week. She also stated that she was going to create the battlefield for us. She made the comment last week that "this game has two fun bits - making the ground and fighting with the miniatures." I couldn't agree with her more.

Maddie placing the terrain tiles to create her battlefield
Grandma and I sat and watched as Maddie enthusiastically began to create the battlefield. I'd occasionally remind her to make sure there were enough elevated areas but she chose where every terrain tile was placed.

Maddie's finished battlefield
We then chose our armies. Grandma and Maddie would team up against me. I would play a mainly Jandar army and they would play an Utgar army. As it turned out their combined armies totalled 350 points and my army was 300 points.

My Jandar army (L-R) Agent Carr, Krav Maga Agents, Syvarris

Maddie's Utgar army (L-R) Zettian Guards, Deathwalker 9000

Grandma's Utgar army (L-R) Ne-Gok-Sa, Marro Warriors
I set up my miniatures near a ruin and a raised rocky area. Maddie's were to my right near another elevated area and Grandma's were dispersed opposite me on the the other side of a small lake.
Maddie won initiative on the first round. She moved her Zettian Guards towards Syvarris my elven archer who was atop a large rocky outcrop. Syvarris shot twice at one of the Zettian Guards but did no damage. Grandma started moving her Marro Warriors towards my Krav Maga Agents. Both Zettian Guards moved within range of Syvarris and fired away. The first Guard wounded Syvarris and the second killed him! Maddie high-fived Grandma in glee as I moved poor Syvarris off the battlefield to rest on his army card.

Syvarris is outgunned by the Zettian Guards
On the second round Maddie again won initiative. Her Deathwalker 9000 was out of range so she used her first turn to move him closer to the action. I sent two of my Krav Maga Agents to the top of the rocky outcrop where Syvarris had fallen. They both blasted away at a Zettian Guard and managed to eliminate it.

My Krav Maga Agents avenge the death of Syvarris. In the background Deathwalker 9000 advances.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the ruin Grandma had advanced a couple of her Marro Warriors who were attacking Agent Carr and the female Krav Maga Agent. The special ability of the Krav Maga Agents to cancel all hits from an attack if they roll a single shield certainly was coming in handy. She managed to take out one of the Marro Warriors with a well placed shot. My Agent Carr moved closer to some advancing Marro Warriors and took out one with a swing of his mighty Sword of Reckoning 4. Grandma's Ne-Gok-Sa then raced towards my two Krav Maga Agents on the rocky outcrop.
Maddie again won initiative on the third round (can this kid roll or what?). Her first action was to move Deathwalker 9000 into range of my two Krav Maga Agents who were valiantly defending the rocky outcrop. Using Deathwalker 9000's special ability of Explosion Special Attack she sent a missile directly at my Krav Maga Agent on the right. The explosion of 3 dice also affected the other Krav Maga Agent who was adjacent. Maddie rolled 3 skulls. The first Krav Maga Agent died in the fiery explosion while the second barely survived due to rolling 1 shield.

Deathwalker 9000 sends a missile at my Krav Maga Agents killing one of them
Meanwhile, Ne-Gok-Sa, seeing only one Agent left on the rocky outcrop raced towards him. He reached the base of the outcrop but had had no more movement that turn.

On the fourth round guess who again won initiative? Yep - Maddie! Deathwalker 9000 opened up with his machine gun on my remaining Krav Maga Agent riddling him with bullets (much to the disappointment of Ne-Gok-Sa who was waiting to attack him as well).

Deathwalker 9000 takes down my second Krav Maga Agent from 7 hexes away
I only had Agent Carr and the female Krav Maga Agent left and I was starting to worry about my chances of winning. At this point in the game I'd only destroyed two of the four Marro Warriors and one Zettian Guard. Seeing that Ne-Gok-Sa was the immediate threat I moved Agent Carr forwards and fired at him. Unfortunately I did no damage. Grandma meanwhile had moved her two remaining Marro Warriors into the water and used their special ability to clone more warriors. She rolled the required numbers and was able to clone her two dead Marro Warriors back to life so to speak. My one remaining Krav Maga Agent fired her handguns at one of the newly-spawned Marro Warriors and was able to kill it.

You go girl! My female Krav Maga Agent takes down one of the advancing Marro Warriors

I then moved Agent Carr to attack Grandma's Ne-Gok-Sa. Although I rolled 3 hits on him he was able to block two of them. He then counter-attacked and rolled mostly skulls. It was enough to kill my already wounded Agent Carr. That left me with the one sole remaining female Krav Maga Agent.

A triumphant Ne-Gok-Sa stands over the lifeless Agent Carr

There were Marro Warriors on either side of my female Krav Maga Agent. She soon fell under a hail of fire from their alien guns.

The last stand by my female Krav Maga Agent ends in defeat

And so the Jandar army was defeated by the foul Utgar army. We all enjoyed the game and even though I lost I had a ball. I look forward to experimenting with the special abilities of some of the other characters in our next game. Maddie has already insisted we break out the terrain from the second Heroscape master set we own to create an even bigger battlefield next time we play.


Fraser Anderson said...

Have you tried the new Marvel Heroscape? I was thinking of taking the plunge and buying this, but funds are tight right now...

Ozvortex said...

I haven't tried the new Marvel Heroscape yet. From what I've seen it has less characters and less terrain than the original Heroscape: The Rise of the Valkyrie master set. I never really got into the superhero comics when I was younger so for me the theme is not an instant attraction. Mind you, if it was Star Wars Heroscape then that would be a different matter...