Monday, October 15, 2007

How much HeroQuest is too much?

Over the years I've picked up a few copies of the Milton Bradley board game HeroQuest at garage sales, school fetes and flea markets. I just can't help myself when I see them so cheap. HeroQuest looks like a fun board game which has both a role-playing feel to it as well as heaps of cool plastic miniatures. One day I'll paint up a set of miniatures and when my daughters are older run them through the scenarios with me as the Game Master.

A tower of 16 HeroQuest boxes

I'm going through a bit of a Spring clean with my games at the moment with the plan of putting a few of the less played games on eBay and opening up some shelf space for future game purchases. As I had today off work I decided to do a bit of a stock take. It was then that I realised I had 16 boxes of HeroQuest! I know I've had to ditch broken HeroQuest boxes in the past so I would estimate that I'd have over 20 complete sets within those 16 boxes. Wow!

I've had plans for cutting up some of the boards room by room and corridor by corridor to use as terrain for other miniatures or role-playing games. Other projects include painting and basing the miniatures for war games rules such as Hordes of the Things. These are all things I'm going to do when I have 'time'. Unfortunately free time is something that is in short supply when one works full time and has young kids.

I plan to list a stack of books, games and miniatures on eBay on Thursday 8 November. Anyway, back to the stock take.


Fraser Anderson said...

I have been led to believe that Heroscape is the unofficial child of Heroquest. Have you ever played both and compared?

I liked Warhammer Quest since you did not need a GM...

Any dungeon crawl will get my attention though.

Ozvortex said...

Although I haven't played HeroQuest I have read the rules. I have played Heroscape but I wouldn't say they have that much in common. HeroQuest is a game where players cooperate versus the game master who controls the creatures. In Heroscape players battle each other on modular terrain. If there was an unofficial child of Heroquest I'd say the 2002 Dungeons & Dragons board game would come closest.