Sunday, October 21, 2007

Garage Sale Goodies

My wife and I used to enjoy going to garage/yard sales on Saturday mornings. However, that involved getting up at the crack of dawn, getting the paper for the listings and then driving from location to location around the local suburbs. Now that we have little kids it's virtually impossible to do this activity together any more. So now it's just my wife who goes while I look after the girls.

I've given my wife a standing order to look out for items that may interest me, things like miniatures, games or books. Nine times out of ten she'll come home empty-handed. Every now and then she'll come home with a surprise for me. Like yesterday morning for instance.

Garage sale goodies!

Shogun (AKA Samurai Swords) - $1

Field Marshall - $1

The Russian Campaign - $1

Axis & Allies - $1

Wow! Four games at only $1 each! I thought she was pulling my leg when she told me but that's what she paid. After I got over my shock I sat down and went through each game and they appeared to be complete.

Well, onto eBay they go to fund some future game purchases.


Fraser Anderson said...

Shogun is great. If you don't already have it give it a try.

I played this a lot in high school

Ozvortex said...

I bought the later version, Samurai Swords, over 10 years ago and have never played it. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it in high school when I had the friends and time to commit to it. Now, with a 4-6 hour playing time I can't imagine I'll ever get around to playing it. My Samurai Swords will be going on eBay in the next few weeks. Shogun will probably join it not long after.