Saturday, February 02, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 49

My mother (Grandma to our kids) dropped by for another Saturday morning of gaming. Our games this morning were chosen by my 6-year-old daughter Maddie. First up was Elefant Hunt which was designed by Tom Wham. He also did the artwork in the game and I really enjoy his cartoony style of drawing the characters and animals. Elefant Hunt is basically a roll-and-move game where the object is to gather hunters and supplies and then set off on safari to capture animals. Each animal is worth a certain number of points and the first person to reach 100 points is the winner.

An oldie but a goodie

This game came as an insert in a Dungeons & Dragons (then AD&D) monthly magazine called Dragon magazine. The issue was number 88 which was published by TSR in August 1984. I was into roleplaying back in the 80's and had a subscription for many years to Dragon. Grandma went on to win our game with 100 points, I came 2nd on 72 and Maddie came 3rd with 0 points.

It was at this point that 2-year-old Georgia needed to have a nap. While I was trying to get her to sleep Maddie and Grandma played Old Maid and Go Fish. Maddie won both games.

Our next game chosen by Maddie was my homemade version of Diamant (AKA Incan Gold). This is a fun push-your-luck style of game where each player is an adventurer seeking rubies and diamonds within a network of caves.

Maddie (purple) and I (black) chicken out and head back to camp while Grandma continues on...

Maddie made some great decisions in the game and went on to win with 36 points, Grandma coming 2nd on 26 and myself 3rd on 16.

Our final game of the morning was Blokus Duo (AKA Travel Blokus). This is the 2-player version of the 4-player Blokus and a great little game. Each player is trying to fit all of their pieces on the board while attempting to deny spaces to their opponent. Although it is a 2-player game we decided that Grandma and Maddie would team up and play against me.

A very pretty game

We played two games. I won the first 73 to 68. I also won the second game 68 to 64. The rules state that you can get bonus points if you place all your pieces on the board. You know, I've played 44 games of Blokus Duo as of today and I've never been able to place all my pieces on the board. I should ask this question on BoardGameGeek to see if anyone has been able to achieve this feat.

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Fraser Anderson said...

I love tom wham.

The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, King of the Tabletop, Baton Races of Yaz...

so many great games.

I have the first 250 issues of Dragon as PDF files and I occasionally print these out.