Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

First off, I must say I hate the commercialised nature of Valentine's Day. Having said that, I did buy my wife a bunch of red roses. However, I bought them for her two days ago on February 12th just to surprise her!

I thought I'd share something interesting. mX is a free newspaper that I pick up every afternoon to read on the train on my way home from work.

Today, something odd struck me about this issue. It smelled - of roses!

This is what it says in the circle on the front of the paper:

'STOP TO PICK ME UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. It's the day that sets hearts fluttering and wallets spluttering. So mX has a free romantic gift for you. No, it's not your imagination, today's newspaper DOES smell like a bunch of roses. mX is the first newspaper in Australia to use scented ink for a special edition, and what better day, or way, than filling the air with the scent of love. So guys (or gals) if you haven't had time, or have blown the budget, take this newspaper to your beloved - it's as close to the real thing you can get. Happy Valentine's Day.'

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