Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gaming On The Bed

My wife usually goes to local garage sales early on Saturday mornings. Many months ago I had asked her to look out for the game Coda. I knew that it had been re-titled The Da Vinci Code Game when the The Da Vinci Code movie came out and I suspected it would start showing up at garage sales in the future.

On Saturday morning she came home with a near-mint copy of The Da Vinci Code Game which she'd picked up at a garage sale for only $5. Naturally, I was very excited to receive this enjoyable little deduction game.

Anyway, that night, after the kids had been put to bed and as we were getting ready for bed, Deb spied the game sitting on my side of the bed where I had left it ready to read the rules. She suggested we play a game. As we couldn't be bothered going out to the dining room we just decided to play it on the bed. We soon found that it was almost impossible to shuffle tiles on a sheet without knocking them over and seeing the numbers on them.

It was at this point that Maddie wandered into our room to see what we were doing. We quickly enlisted her as our 'Mixing Girl' and she took over the role of shuffling the tiles for us with enthusiasm (as we looked away so we wouldn't see the numbers on the tiles as they were being mixed). We used a couple of hardback books as stable platforms for our code tiles to stand up on.

I won the game and Deb immediately wanted a rematch. I then won the 2nd and 3rd games with Deb winning our 4th and 5th matches. Before we knew it we were playing for best out of seven. I won the final 2 games to win 5 games to 2.

Tonight Deb again suggested we play Coda on our bed. This time it would be a best of five with Maddie once again taking on the role of 'Mixing Girl'. After 4 games we were neck and neck with 2 wins each - the final game would decide it. Maddie was barracking for Mummy to win (she normally barracks for anyone to beat Daddy). Our final game was a close one with me coming from behind to take the win.

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