Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 60

Another Saturday morning of gaming with my 6 year old daughter Maddie and my mother (AKA Grandma).

First up we introduced Grandma to Coda. Maddie had already watched Mummy and Daddy play Coda twice and had also asked to play it 2-player with me yesterday evening. We ended up playing 7 games this morning. I won 5 and Grandma won 2 with Maddie unfortunately not winning any.

Coda - A fun little game of deduction

Maddie chose For Sale as our second game of the morning. This bidding game is an old favourite of ours. Final scores were Grandma 1st with $87K, Maddie 2nd with $62K and myself 3rd with $59K.

Bid on properties and then sell them for the highest price

Maddie again chose the next game. It was Bratz Passion for Fashion. This is basically a roll-and-move game for kids. Grandma ended up coming 1st, Maddie 2nd and myself 3rd.

I was Sasha - yay!

Maddie chose my home-made copy of Diamant for our next game. This is quite an enjoyable push-your-luck style game. Final scores were me 1st with 21 points, Maddie 2nd with 14 and Grandma 3rd with 12.

Grandma and I head back to camp

I suggested our final game of the morning - Der Schwarze Pirat. This is an entertaining dexterity game where you blow your ship around the board with a bellows looking for gold on the many islands. Grandma won with 15 gold, I came 2nd with 12 gold and Maddie came 3rd with 9 gold.

Who will enter the harbour first to claim the 2 gold?

All in all a good morning of gaming.

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