Monday, April 28, 2008

You are the winning bidder!

I was excited to see the words "You are the winning bidder" at the end of a recent eBay auction for a still-in-shrink-wrap copy of the board game Cartagena II. I really enjoy the original Cartagena and I'd planned to purchase Cartagena II at some point in the future. It works out that, including postage, the total cost was 36% off the RRP.

I haven't bought a game through eBay for ages. I think the last time would have been when I bought my Carrom board for $10 in a local pick up back in November 2006.

I'm very much looking forward to receiving Cartagena II in the mail. Hopefully it will arrive by Friday so we can play it on Saturday.

The box front of Cartagena II

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