Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gaming with Grandma - 115

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my mother (Grandma) and my 8 year old daughter (Maddie).

First up this morning was Cloud 9. This is a game where players push their luck in piloting a hot-air balloon. The higher you rise the more points you get, but the trick is to hop out and claim your points before the balloon crashes to earth. I won this with 51 points, Maddie was 2nd with 23 points and Grandma was 3rd with 10 points.

Our next game, Pass the Pigs, was another push-your-luck style game. In this game players roll two cute little rubber pigs and depending on how they land determines how many points you receive. Maddie had a great game and won with 104 points, just beating Grandma who came 2nd on 96 points, with me lagging far behind on 3rd place with 41 points.

The next game was Wanted!, a card game in which quick reflexes and keen eyes help determine the winner. Each player flips over a card from their hand each turn, and if it's a special action card then all players must do the corresponding action. The slowest player takes the cards. First player to discard their hand of cards is the winner. I came first, Maddie came 2nd and Grandma came 3rd.

We then played my home-made version of Diamant. Another push-your-luck game in which players explore treasure and danger-filled caverns. Grandma was the one who made the best decisions to take the win with 40 points, I was right behind on 2nd with 37 points, and Maddie was 3rd with 29 points.

Our last game of the morning was Money Money Money. This is a fun game of guessing probabilities with a little luck thrown in. Maddie was the clear winner with 30 points, Grandma was 2nd with 23 points and I came 3rd with 15 points.

A fun morning of gaming with my family and it was great to see us all have at least one win each.

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