Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My next painting project

As any gamer who has been bitten by the miniature hobby bug can attest, one often has interests in many different periods and scales. A miniatures gamer will often have a 'pile of lead' comprising a number of armies stashed away in secret places just waiting to be painted. The problem is that the enthusiasm for a certain army will fade when the next 'oooh shiny!' thing comes along. One's miniatures intake will soon quickly outstrip one's painting output. A lot of miniatures gamers suffer from this problem, and I'm no different.

Now let's put this into perspective. I'm probably on the lesser end of the scale of unpainted miniatures versus painted miniatures. I know of guys with tens of thousands of unpainted miniatures who still continue to buy more. It's an addiction I guess, sort of like board gamers who continue to buy new board games with loads of unplayed games already lining their shelves.

I've been pretty happy with my painting output so far this year and I really want to keep the momentum going. With this aim in mind I came across an unfinished project that I haven't touched in over two years. Yep, it's been over two years since I last put a brush to my 15mm Lord of the Rings-themed Dwarven HOTT army. These guys have been languishing for this long in a darkened drawer, waiting until my enthusiasm had reached a point when they would once again be in favour.

I hate unfinished projects and so I've made a vow to finish these guys before the end of March. It shouldn't be too difficult, most of the boring preparatory work has already been done. There are only 47 of them and also a couple of banners that I'll have to scratch build.

When I'm finished I'll have a Dwarven army consisting of the following elements; 1 x Blade General, 1 x Hero, 9 x Blade and 2 x Shooters. And when they're finished they will join in battle against an already completed 15mm Mordor-themed army.

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