Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Osprey book arrives

I really enjoy reading military history books. I particularly like the Osprey range of speciality books. Osprey Publishing have a massive range of titles covering a wide variety of military history topics from ancient to modern times.

I recently participated in a competition Osprey was running and was lucky to win one of their recent releases.

I had the choice of one of the following:

  • RAID 2 Israel's Lightning Strike: The raid on Entebbe 1976
  • CAM 204 The Second Crusade 1148: Disaster outside Damascus
  • MAA 454 The Seminole Wars 181-58
  • MAA 451 Imperial Roman Naval Forces 21 BC - AD 500

As I'm a big fan of the history of the Crusades I chose The Second Crusade 1148: Disaster outside Damascus.

It was waiting for me in my letterbox when I arrived home from work this afternoon, safe after its journey all the way from the UK to half-way around the world in Australia.

Thank you to Osprey Publishing and Joe from the Osprey Blog team.


Joseph McCullough said...

Glad to hear it arrived safe and sound!

-- Osprey Blogger Joe

Ozvortex said...

Thanks Joe. It was very nicely packed. Cheers, Wayne.