Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gaming With Grandma - 28

My Mum (Grandma), my daughter Maddie (6) and I got together for some games this morning after a two week break.

First up, Mum and I sat down to a game of Scrabble.

I went first after drawing a D to Mum's L.

Turn 1 [Me] HOT 12, [Mum] (H)OT 6
Turn 2 [Me] YE(T) 14, [Mum] NOIS(Y) 10
Turn 3 [Me] (O)X/(O)X 34, [Mum] PU(T) 11
Turn 4 [Me] NI(P) 5, [Mum] CA(N) 8
Turn 5 [Me] GI(N) 4, [Mum] (G)ROG 7
Turn 6 [Me] (HOT)EL 9, [Mum] (E)D/D(E)AN 8
Turn 7 [Me] (C)ROUPY 26, [Mum] (HOTEL)iER 30
Turn 8 [Me] HEA(P) 13, [Mum] (HEAP)ED 12
Turn 9 [Me] (H)INT 21, [Mum] (D)EW 15
Turn 10 [Me] TO(i)L 5, [Mum] (W)AD 7
Turn 11 [Me] BI(D)S 30, [Mum] (I)F 9
Turn 12 [Me] MAG(I) 14, [Mum] LI(M)E 12
Turn 13 [Me] (DEAN)S 12, [Mum] KIN(G) 10
Turn 14 [Me] JO(K)E 45, [Mum] (S)ELF 7
Turn 15 [Me] BE(GIN) 14, [Mum] CA(B) 7
Turn 16 [Me] (L)IVE 14, [Mum] M(E)N/(A)N 13
Turn 17 [Me] QuART/A(MEN) 75, [Mum] S(LIME)/S(CAB) 15
Turn 18 [Me] VOT(E)D 34, [Mum] R(O)W 6
Turn 19 [Me] (QuART)ER 15, [Mum] A(N) 4
Turn 20 [Me] (I)F 7,

Mum was left with Z,U,U and A for minus 13 points. Probably the most obscure words I played were CROUPY (affected with croup, a disease of the throat) and MAGI (plural of Magus, i.e. magician). I was pleased to see Mum get IER on to the end of HOTEL to score HOTELIER on a triple word score. Also impressed with her turning CAB and LIME into SCAB and SLIME with a single S on the same turn. Unfortunately she only scored 15 for that placement but it was a cool move nonetheless.

I was very happy to put QUART down, scoring both with the Q on a double letter square and the word on a triple word square and also simultaneously scoring the word AMEN. I scored 75 points for that combination which is my highest ever single turn score since playing Scrabble. I also scored a personal best final score in this game, finally cracking the 400 point score. Final scores were [Me] 403 and [Mum] 184. I averaged 20.15 points per turn.

After that, Maddie (6) joined Grandma and I for a game of Fraidy Cats. This is always a fun game to play with kids. There is always that tension as Mugs the dog careens around the board. We played two games. Game 1 - 1st Grandma, 2nd Maddie and 3rd Me. Game 2 - 1st Me, 2nd Grandma and 3rd Maddie.

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