Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gaming With Grandma - 29

My Mum (Grandma to our kids) came over for her regular Saturday morning visit. After a cup of tea and a chat we sat down to a game of Scrabble.

I went first after drawing a W to Mum's X.

Turn 1 [Me] SMEARER 68, [Mum] FINGE(R) 20
Turn 2 [Me] (F)OOTY 22, [Mum] GA(Y) 21
Turn 3 [Me] JA(M)BS 34, [Mum] F(E)/F(E)Z 20
Turn 4 [Me] LO(O)N 10, [Mum] (R)UNT 5
Turn 5 [Me] (T)REY 14, [Mum] DARN(S) 10
Turn 6 [Me] (Y)EW 18, [Mum] PLAI(D) 14
Turn 7 [Me] ROUTErS/(YEW)S 70, [Mum] Q(I) 11
Turn 8 [Me] HO(U)R 33, [Mum] (R)IVEN 16
Turn 9 [Me] (D)RIVEN 10, [Mum] (J)UMP 15
Turn 10 [Me] HOTE(L) 24, [Mum] (H)ILT 8
Turn 11 [Me] (W)AX 26, [Mum] SI(X) 10
Turn 12 [Me] (D)I(B)/(S)I(N) 9, [Mum] DI(R)T 5
Turn 13 [Me] NEA(T) 4, [Mum] CLU(E) 8
Turn 14 [Me] EO(N) 6, [Mum] (P)EG 6
Turn 15 [Me] WAnE/n(EON) 33, [Mum] DIK(E) 18
Turn 16 [Me] (T)A 4, [Mum] B(E) 4
Turn 17 [Me] (N)O 4, [Mum] Pass
Turn 18 [Me] I(D) 3,

Mum was left with C & V for minus 7 points. This was an exciting game with me getting 2 bingos in the one game (a first for me). The first bingo was on my very first turn when I was extremely pleased to find in my initial rack the word SMEARER. My second bingo came on turn 7 when I put down the word ROUTERS with the help of a blank. Probably the most obscure words I played were FOOTY (paltry), JAMBS (plural of jamb, i.e. the vertical portion of the frame onto which a door is secured), LOON (a diving waterfowl), TREY (a three in cards, dice or dominoes), ROUTERS (pluralised form of a scooping tool), DIB (to fish by letting the bait bob lightly on the water) and ID (a part of the psyche). Final scores were [Me] 392 and [Mum] 184. I averaged 21.78 points per turn which is another personal best.
After that, Maddie (6) joined Grandma and I for a game of Der Plumpsack Geht Um (AKA Sherlock). It's a memory game where players must memorise the cards on the table which are then turned over. The player to your left places the plumpsack card next to one of the face down cards and you must guess what item is on that card. If you guess correctly the plumpsack is then placed next to a face down card as per the instructions on the just-guessed card. For example, there will be an arrow pointing left or right and a number stating how many cards away in that direction. Your turn continues until you fail to guess correctly. If you keep guessing correctly you will eventually be directed back to a face up card you had previously guessed. You then take that card as a point and another card is put in its place from the draw deck. The play continues with the player on your left. Games are normally played with the winner being the first player to achieve a certain number of points.

We played one game with 6 cards with the winner being the first player to get 3 points. I came first with 3 points and neither Grandma or Maddie scoring a single point.

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