Monday, August 06, 2007

Ordered Replacement Battlelore Dice

Back in a post on 29 December 2006 I wrote about the problem Days of Wonder had identified with their first production run of Battlelore dice. Although I took the precaution of spraying my dice with a protective coat of laquer, I wasn't that satisfied with their quality straight out of the box. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I haven't had the opportunity to play Battlelore as much as I'd hoped this year, so haven't experienced the wearing of the dice to the extent that other people have. Due to the initial lack of quality of the dice, I'd always had the intention of taking Days of Wonder up on their offer to replace them, however, I thought I'd wait until the hubbub over the issue had died down.

Well, today I ordered my replacement Battlelore dice. It was very simple. My copy of the game had the relevent Battlelore Web Card access code commencing with BL-10 so I was eligible for the offer. I just went to the site and input my details.

This is the message I received:

Order Confirmation
Thank you for your order. Your order reference is:
You will receive an e-mail when your replacement dice are shipped. Shipment occurs once a week. Dice are shipped via regular mail, so it will take several days to reach you - up to several weeks if you are located outside US, France or Germany. There is no use to contact us: as these shipments are not tracked, we would not be able to give you any useful information beyond "Yes it shipped, check your mail and wait". Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice when parts and pieces are easily replaced. Hopefully you receive them without any problems.