Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool!

Yesterday's post 'A New Addition To Our Family' was an entire fabrication for April Fools Day. Just in case anyone was wondering, it is illegal to keep any native mammals as pets in Queensland.


Friendless said...

It's also illegal to have grass as green as illustrated under Fluffy. We're in a drought, you know.

mikey said...

Hardy har har, you mongrel! I managed to avoid getting done by my mother, who takes great pleasure in April fools day, only to be done by a supposedly reliable source.

In my defence, I am gullible. If of course that is much of a defence!

Ozvortex said...

Friendless - yep, with the current drought you'd be lucky to find a blade of grass as green as that in my yard. What's left of my lawn is brown and crunchy. About the only thinga that are green are the weeds!

Mikey - Nice to know I got someone! I'm now back to being a supposedly reliable source ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can import a foreign animal such as a rabbit for a kid's pet.