Friday, April 27, 2007

A Hammer For...What?

Last week I attended a two-day conference for the state leadership of the organisation for which I work. At the end of the conference we were given a large brown paper bag. I assumed it was to hold the many papers we had been given over the two days concerning the strategic direction for our organisation. When I opened the bag I found a small orange hammer made of the same squishy material of which stress balls are composed. The hammer is only about 10 cm (4 inches) in length.

You know what the first thing I thought of when I pulled out the hammer? It was the scene from Team America: World Police when Gary is being briefed for his first mission, Spottswoode prepares him for the fact that if he is captured he might want to take his own life. To that end, he supplies him with...a hammer.
As a stress ball it pretty ineffective. It's too thin to give a decent stress-relieving squeeze. I've tried bashing it against my temple and although this feels kinda nice, it generates strange glances from my co-workers.


Jing said...

what's the materials of this hammer?

Ozvortex said...

Hi Jing. My guess is that it's made of a squeezable polyurethane.