Thursday, April 19, 2007

Computer War Games

My wife picked me up some computer wargames from a local thrift store today.

  • Lords of the Realm III - 2003
  • Imperial Glory - 2005
  • American Conquest - Fight Back - (French version) 2004
  • Tin Soldiers - Julius Caesar - 2005
  • Kohan II - Kings of War - 2004
  • Crown of Glory - Europe in the Age of Napoleon - 2005

I don't really play many computer games and I have no idea what these ones are like. What has me excited is that they're all wargames of one genre or another. Now, hex and counter wargames with complicated rules, that take many hours to play and require the trouble of finding a willing opponent, do not interest me. Computer wargames may scratch my wargaming itch and fit my particular current gaming lifestyle. We'll have to wait and see what they're like.

The whole lot only cost AU$15.00 which was very reasonable.

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