Tuesday, August 05, 2008

300th Post, HellBoy II & Osprey Books

This is my 300th post since starting this blog back on 25 December 2006.

I saw the movie Hellboy II: The Golden Army in the city after work this evening courtesy of GenCon Oz who kindly offered up free tickets to GenCon Oz attendees. I've never read any of the Hellboy comics but had rented the original Hellboy movie just recently so that I had a bit of an understanding of the characters and history prior to seeing the sequel. Overall, the movie was fun, action-packed, visually-stunning and with a vast array of incredible creatures. There was also a fair bit of humour which had the audience laughing at times. I was glad I went along to see it.

I arrived home just before 10.00 pm and found what I at first thought was a rubbish bag just inside the door. My wife had probably left it there for me to dump in the wheelie bin outside. When I looked more closely I saw that it was actually an overseas delivery.

What's in this sturdy plastic bag?

I'd recently won a competition on the Osprey Publishing blog of twelve of their recently published books. This looked like it might be them.

Alright! My prize awaits!

It was pretty exciting opening the box. The Osprey books were very well packed so had survived the international shipping unscathed.

Here is the selection that I picked for my prize.

ACE 77 Albatros Aces of World War 1 Part 2
ACE 78 SE 5/5a Aces of World War I
ACE 79 Bristol F2 Fighter Aces of World War I
AEU 26 Jagdstaffel 2 ‘Boelcke’ Von Richthofen’s Mentor
CAM 188 Thermopylae 480 BC Last stand of the 300
CAM 182 Granicus 334 BC Alexander’s First Persian Victory
DUE 7 Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I Western Front 1917–18
GNM Alexander the Great at War His Army - His Battles - His Enemies
GNM Rome and Her Enemies An Empire Created and Destroyed by War
WAR 124 Teutonic Knight 1190–1561
ELI 155 Roman Battle Tactics 109BC–AD313
GNM Knight Noble Warrior of England 1200–1600

Osprey books are not only informative they also have fantastic artwork!

Unfortunately I only received ten of the twelve books. Thermopylae 480 BC Last Stand of the 300 and Roman Battle Tactics 109BC-AD313 were temporarily out of stock. Hopefully I'll receive these soon.

With ten new cool books I know what I'll be busy doing over the coming weeks. Thanks Osprey Publishing!

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