Sunday, August 10, 2008

Enhancing Tigris and Euphrates

One problem I had when I opened my new Tigris and Euphrates game from Mayfair Games was the off-centre tiles. This was fixed by notifying Mayfair Games who sent me replacement sheets of tiles.

Another problem with the components was that two of my monuments (both green) did not hold the centre step piece that is supposed to fit snugly within the monument piece. I was sick of them falling out every time I picked them up. I decided to fix it this afternoon by applying some PVA wood glue to all of the monuments to ensure they would be secure.

A little bit of glue solves the problem

The other thing that I thought would improve this game was repainting the boring plain wooden treasure cubes. I decided to paint mine gold to really represent their importance and value within the game. I gave them a white undercoat and then a gold finish. After they'd dried I gave them a gloss spray clear coat for protection. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

The results of my mini-project to enhance my copy of Tigris and Euphrates

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Yehuda said...

Nice. Come over to my house and do mine.