Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Return of my Xbox 360!

My Xbox 360 arrived back from the repair centre yesterday. It only took seven calendar days from the time I posted it off to the time it was delivered back to me. Apart from the initial shock of seeing the Red Ring of Death I found dealing with Xbox 360 Customer Support and the whole repair process to be easy and hassle-free. I'm very impressed at how quickly they fixed the problem and returned my console. Most of all I'm pleased it didn't cost me any money.

Safe and sound with an extra bonus for me

They even provided me with a complimentary one month Xbox Live Gold membership card. This will give me the opportunity to check out Xbox Live though I'm not sure if I've got the spare time to fully take advantage of it.

I was a little anxious hooking up the power lead and re-attaching the hard drive to my Xbox 360. However when I turned it on all was well.

That's what I want to see when I turn on my Xbox 360!

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