Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 76

Last night my daughters Maddie (7) and Georgia (2.5) helped me put together the map board for the 'Fall of the Dumutef Bridge' scenario from the Road to the Forgotten Forest HeroScape expansion set. This was a fun little family activity because both of them wanted to be involved in creating the battlefield that we were preparing for Grandma's visit the following morning. I'd first give one terrain piece to Maddie and tell her where to put it and then I'd give another piece to Georgie and show her where to put it. They then took it in turns placing the terrain until the battlefield was completed.

I was holding the left bank and the bridge. Grandma and Maddie were on the right bank and had to take the bridge to win.

This morning we got to play on it. In this particular scenario, Maddie and Grandma each had 350 point armies and were allied. Their goal was to try and take the bridge before the end of round 10. I also had a 350 point army. I had to hold the bridge. This was a particularly good scenario as it had a piece of terrain as an objective and wasn't just another 'kill all the other guy's army' type of victory condition.

Now normally two players versus one is not very fair. However, as the player holding the bridge, I did get reinforcements at the end of rounds 2, 3 , 4 and 5. The amount of points of reinforcements was determined each time by the roll of a d20 (20-sided die).

Grandma's army consisted of Crixus, Izumi Samurai, Thorgrim, Syvarris and the Warriors of Ashra.

Maddie's army consisted of the Nakita Agents, Raelin, the Ninjas of the Northern Wind and the Tarn Viking Warriors.

My initial army consisted of two Dumutef Guards, Anubian Wolves, Khosumet the Darklord and Mimring.

I'll just run quickly through the highlights of each round.

Round 1 - An Izumi Samurai dies trying to cross the river (roll a d20. 1 - figure destroyed, 2-4 - figure takes 1 wound). Grandma rolled a 3 (hehe!)

Round 2 - Mimring fries one of the Tarn Vikings. Syvarris shoots dead one of the Dumutef Guards. An Izumi Samurai kills off the second Dumutef Guard. I roll a 17 on a d20 for 175 points of reinforcements. I choose Me-Burq-Sa, Marro Warriors and Zettian Guards.

Round 3 - Mimring fries another two Tarn Vikings. An Anubian Wolf rips open an Izumi Samurai. A Nakita Agent shoots down an Anubian Wolf. I roll a 20 on a d20 (woohoo!) for 200 points of reinforcements. I choose Krug, Marro Drones and a Swog Rider.

Round 4 - An Anubian Wolf kills the last of the Izumi Samurai. I roll a 14 on a d20 for 125 points of reinforcements. I choose Grimnak.

Round 5 - A Ninja of the Northern Wind finishes off Mimring. Krug smashes Syvarris into pulp. I roll a 15 on a d20 for 125 points of reinforcements. I choose the Minions of Utgar.

Round 6 - One of my Anubian Wolves rolls a 1 for its Unleashed Fury special ability. Normally this would destroy the figure. Luckily I had Khosumet the Dark Lord in my army because he allows a +1. I still lose an Anubian Wolf to the blade of one of the Warriors of Ashra.

Round 7 - I'm starting to worry about getting my reinforcements up to the bridge. I only have three actions per round to my opponents' six. A Warrior of Ashra slays the last of my Anubian Wolves. The only figure of mine still holding the bridge is Khosumet the Darklord. I move my Marro Warriors and Minions of Utgar towards the bridge. The Ninjas of the Northern Wind have crossed the river and are moving around the rear of the bridge. One of the Ninjas kills a Minion of Utgar. Khosumet kills a Warrior of Ashra. A Minion of Utgar kills a Ninja.

Round 8 - A Nakita Agent shoots a Minion of Utgar who had just landed on the bridge to support the lone Khosumet. One of the Ninjas kills one of the Minions of Utgar protecting the rear of the bridge. I only have Khosumet the Darklord on the bridge. He is facing three of the enemy. Maddie flies Raelin (her favourite character) to land behind Khosumet. Raelin slays Khosumet and wins victory for her team.

Raelin slays Khosumet the Darklord to claim victory!

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