Monday, September 01, 2008

RIP Goldy

Our pet goldfish, Goldy, died today. Goldy had been a part of our family for about four or five years. Both girls have fed Goldy many times over the years. I have fond memories of holding little giggling Georgia over the small aquarium tank as Goldy 'blew kisses' at her.

I asked Maddie how she felt. At seven years old she obviously recognised the significance of the event.
"This is the first pet I've seen dead," she said quietly.

I wondered how two and a half year old Georgia was taking the news.
"Goldy died," I said to her in a sad voice.
"Goldy dead," Georgia smiled back at me.

RIP Goldy


Friendless said...

My son had two goldfish given to him for his third birthday. He named them Buttery and Thingery. I couldn't remember which was which and eventually he forgot as well. One day when he was about 6 one of them died so we buried it in the fernery. A week later he went and dug it up to see how it was going. A couple of years later the other one died so we went to bury it in the same spot, and my son went to the exact spot - within an inch - and found the container we'd buried the previous one in.

Ozvortex said...

We placed our goldfish in a ziplock bag and froze him. We've recently bought some palm trees for our back yard and he'll be buried beneath one when they're planted this weekend. It will be our 'Goldy Remembrance' tree. I think a Golden Cane Palm would be appropriate for Goldy's final resting place.