Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 77

Saturday morning usually means gaming with my mother (AKA Grandma) and my elder daughter, Maddie, who is seven years old. During these gaming sessions my wife is at work and my younger two year old daughter Georgia is usually watching a DVD (Dora the Explorer is her favourite at the moment).

Our first game of the morning was For Sale which was Maddie's choice. This is a great little auction game that is fun and plays fast. Maddie is usually quite good at this game and today was no different with her taking the win. Final scores were Maddie $76K, Grandma $65K and myself $62K.

It's fun to bid on properties!

Our second game was also Maddie's choice - Coda. We all enjoy this quick little deduction game. I took a couple of hits early on in the game but managed to come back and guess all of Grandma's tiles in one turn (she was winning at that stage). I then moved on to Maddie on my same turn and knocked down all her tiles but one. To win the game I had a 50% chance of guessing the correct tile. I guessed wrong and Maddie went on to win on her turn.

A brilliant little game of deduction!

Maddie decided to quit while she was ahead and went out onto the back deck to play with her younger sister.

I then pulled out Lost Cities from the game cabinet in our dining room. I hadn't played this game in over a year (last time was 28 July 2007) so it was about time it hit the table again. I always enjoy the agonising decisions one has to make in this game. We played three rounds. The first round was Grandma 2, me 148. Second round was Grandma 34, me 60. Third round was Grandma 3, me 58. Final scores were Grandma 39 and me taking the win with 305 points.

Looks like I'll be doing some deep sea exploration...

After that, Grandma and I joined Maddie and Georgia on the back deck for some fun of blowing bubbles.

Two year old Georgia blowing bubbles

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