Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Red-rumped Parrot

I spotted a beautiful parrot on the back fence at my Dad's home at Caboolture. I've never seen one of these before but one of Dad's neighbours informed me it was a Red-rumped Parrot.

A male Red-rumped Parrot

Red-rumped Parrots are medium-sized, slender parrots. The adult male is bright green, with a blue-green head, a red rump, and yellow shoulders and belly. The female is a duller, olive-green, with a green rump and faint yellow or light green scales on the belly.

Unfortunately, in the photo I took above, you can't see the small flash of red feathers that gives the parrot it's rather odd name. For such a gorgeous bird it does have a pretty lame name. Then again, I guess Red-rumped Parrot is much better than being called the Cherry-assed Parrot, Scarlet-butted Parrot or the Ruby-bummed Parrot.

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