Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 73

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my Mum (AKA Grandma) and my 7 year-old daughter Maddie.
Our first game of the morning was King Me! This is a game I received from BGG user Mark_Owen_Reich in the first Australian national board game Math Trade back in May and was the first time any of us had played it.

This game is all about scoring points for the final ranking of each of six characters players are secretly assigned at the beginning of each of three rounds. After taking it in turns to place the 13 characters on levels which not only represent their closeness to the throne but also what victory points they'll receive, players then take turns picking one character to move up a level. If a character is moved up to the top level (the throne) each player then immediately secretly votes to see if that character is crowned using Yes and No cards. It only takes one No vote to eliminate that particular character from the game. Although your Yes card is returned after each vote, your No cards are limited and not returned. This is where the bluff aspect of the game comes to the fore. Do you vote Yes to a character you don't want to be crowned in the hope that someone else will vote No, or do you use one of your precious No votes to ensure they don't get crowned?

King Me!

King Me! is a fast light filler that can take up to six players. We all enjoyed it and I'm sure it will get a lot of table-time in the future. Final scores were me 1st on 68, Grandma 2nd with 55 and Maddie 3rd with 54.

After that Maddie went off to player with her younger sister Georgia which left Grandma and I free to play Tigris and Euphrates.

We picked up an error we made in the last game. I thought the scores were abnormally high and it turns out we were assigning victory cubes from monuments to both players at the end of each turn rather than only the active player receiving them.

I suggested we play with a 2-player variant I got from the BoardGameGeek site. In this variant the four corner temples are removed, as well as removing 14 red tiles, 9 blue tiles, 8 green tiles and 8 black tiles. All other rules apply except that the game ends when only 1 or zero treasure cubes are left. This variant seemed to work fine.

Board layout at end of game

No catastrophe tiles were placed this game by either of us. I guess I'm still learning the strategy around when and in what situation these should be used. There were less monuments built in this game (only three). We had some great internal and external conflicts. I actually ended up winning 12 to 5. [Wayne: Red 13, Blue 29, Green 20, Black 12 - Grandma: Red 18, Blue 5, Green 14, Black 13]

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