Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 68

Another Saturday morning gaming session with my Mum (AKA Grandma) and my 7-year-old daughter Maddie.

The first game of the morning was a 2-player game of San Juan between Grandma and I. This was our second game together and we were both keen to improve our scores from the previous game.

The view from my side at game end

To give you an idea of the flow of the game here are the buildings we built and in what order.

1st free - Wayne (Indigo Plant), Grandma (Indigo Plant)
2nd - Wayne (Gold Mine), Grandma (Well)
3rd - Wayne (Silver Smelter), Grandma (Tobacco Storage)
4th - Wayne (Smithy), Grandma (Black Market)
5th - Wayne (Coffee Roaster), Grandma (Sugar Mill)
6th - Wayne (Market Stand), Grandma (Chapel)
7th - Wayne (Palace), Grandma (Silver Smelter)
8th - Wayne (Quarry), Grandma (Library)
9th - Wayne (Library), Grandma (Gold Mine)
10th - Wayne (Silver Smelter), Grandma (Coffee Roaster)
11th - Wayne (Guild Hall)
12th - Wayne (City Hall)

I felt I was able to out-produce Grandma in the early to mid-game and ended up laying down an extra two buildings than she did. Final scores were me 41 and Grandma 22.

Maddie joined us for the second game of the morning - Labyrinth. We decided to let Maddie look at the top 2 cards while Grandma and I were restricted to looking at the top card only and this worked out to be a good handicap. I enjoy this game of shifting maze tiles as you try to find all of your items before the other players.

The aMAZEing Labyrinth!

I normally do quite well at this game but I found that luck was a little against me as it always seemed that the next object I was searching was on the other side of the board from where I was. Grandma went on to take the win with all 8 items found (and first back to her starting space), Maddie was a very close 2nd and also with all 8 items found, while I came 3rd with only 5 items collected.

Our last game of the morning was the brilliant little deduction game of Coda.

Will they guess my numbers before I guess theirs?

Coda is a fast and fun deduction game for 2 - 4 players. The standard game consists of 24 tiles numbered 0 to 11 on one side only in black and white. The aim of the game is to deduce the tiles of the other players by using information available to you. Initially, the only information you have is what tiles you have because all the numbers on the other player's tiles are hidden from view. Each turn, however, you must take one of the spare 'clue' tiles which gives you knowledge of that number and colour. You can also use information from other player's guesses to help you deduce what tiles they have.

If you guess a player's tile correctly you get to put your 'clue' tile into your hand of tiles (they should always read lowest to highest from left to right with black duplicate numbers always to the left of white duplicate numbers), or choose to keep guessing. If you guess incorrectly you must lay down your tile so the other players may see it and where it sits in the order of the tiles you have.

All in all it's a great game for those that like deduction games. We played three games with each of us taking it in turns to be the first player. I won all three games.

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