Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gaming With Grandma - 70

My Mum (AKA Grandma) dropped over for her weekly Saturday morning visit. My wife was at work and Maddie (7) and Georgia (2.5) were looking for something to do. I decided to open some Heroscape expansions I'd bought on discount last year which had been sitting on the shelf unopened. It was like a mini-Xmas for the kids as we opened each box. I then put the terrain in the middle of the lounge room floor and let them go for it.

Maddie, with the help (hindrance?) of Georgia started putting together the terrain. The terrain tiles attach together on adjacent edges and lock together similar to a jigsaw puzzle. I was surprised that little Georgia easily picked up how to do it (then again she is very good at toddler puzzles).

A close up of the castle in front of a lake

I soon joined in when they needed help with putting the castle together. Half the fun of Heroscape is creating the battlefields. It's sort of like putting together Lego. We didn't end up playing any battles but we did all have fun creating a miniature world for a couple of hours.

The final creation

On a side note, I received a phone call from my wife when she arrived at work telling me someone had attempted to break into her shop. They'd drilled through the glass next to the lock on the front sliding door but had failed to get in because the door was deadlocked. There were staff in the shop next to hers until 2.00 am so the break-in must have happened after that. The row of shops is on a well-lit main road so the thieves must have been either extremely bold or quick.

The police told her that a number of businesses had been broken into in the local area and surrounding suburbs overnight. Although the thieves didn't get into her shop it was still an inconvenience for my wife. She couldn't open the shop until the police had dusted for fingerprints and then had a further wait until after her normal closing time for the glass to be repaired. Still, this is the first incident of this sort since she started her business just over 12 months ago and the outcome could have been a lot worse.

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