Friday, March 16, 2007

My Formula De Cars

I follow Formula 1. I'm particularly excited as the F1 season commences with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne this Sunday.

I also enjoy racing games. I bought Formula De several years ago but unfortunately I've only played it once (and that was a 2-player game). Formula De comes with plastic cars but I also purchased a set of pewter F1 racing cars and painted them in F1 team liveries. These miniatures are only 16mm in length. The image below shows one balanced on the tip of my index finger. All images are clickable for a closer view.

I've painted a total of 8 cars so far of the 20 I own. I plan on painting all of them in the F1 team colours. I think I painted these ones back in 2002 - 2003. In the image below, they are (left to right) Ferrari, Jordan, Jaguar and Williams. Such is the nature of Formula 1 that the Jordan and Jaguar teams now no longer exist.

Here's a side view. They're all are lined up and ready to race!


mikey said...

I've got Formula de and a US track pack. Surely it should be able to be organised to play a game! It certainly attracts people when you set it up, even moreso with lovely little cars.

Ozvortex said...

I've also got the Formula De #19 Suzuka and 20# Melbourne tracks. The US track pack comes with 4 tracks doesn't it? It'd be great to get a league together. I'd consider some of the Formula De Mini rules changes to shorten the games though.

Anonymous said...

i m interested to buy a few of your painted cars - is this possible?

Greetings from Germany