Monday, March 05, 2007

Postcards From Brisbane

One of the things I've always found odd is that most people, myself included, don't see their own city, or home region, through the eyes of a tourist. I've worked in the city centre of Brisbane for almost 22 years but have never really explored it. I don't see it through the eyes of a tourist, where everything is new and full of wonder and there's a surprise around every corner. I don't really appreciate Brisbane for its history, its architecture, or its beauty.

To me, Brisbane city is a dull and dreary place. It's humdrum. It's where I go to work. Every weekday morning it's a 25 minute train trip with my head down reading a book. I get off at Central Station and then walk across Adelaide Street to my office building. I usually don't venture out at lunch time, and if I do, it's a fast walk to the library or a game shop. In the afternoon I walk out of my building, cross Adelaide Street, and catch the train home, all the while with my head down reading a book.

From now on I'm going to imagine I'm a tourist in Brisbane. I'm going to try to see familiar sights in a new light. I'm going to attempt to learn about, and appreciate, where I live. At lunchtimes I'll go out and explore. I'll take my camera with me to document my findings. In the coming months I'll be sharing my 'postcards from Brisbane' on my blog for those of you who have never visited my city.


SodakLady said...

What a great idea. I'll be looking forward to it.

Glynn said...

G'day Ozvortex, Love the blog, and the "Postcards from Brisbane" series. Though I live in Fernvale, I sort of call Brisbane my hometown.

Have you thought of taking some pictures at Newstead House, with the Battle of Coral Sea Memorial, and the Australian-American Friendship Memorial, maybe with MacArthur Chambers in the City as a bonus picture.

Cheers mate,

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