Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Personally, I Prefer Partnership Whist

Another amusing game-related excerpt from the RED DWARF series. This is from Series 6, Episode 1 "Psirens".

Lister has just awoken from 200 years of Deep Sleep and can't remember who he is or anything about his past life. Kryten, the mechanoid, attempts to help him remember.

[Kryten sets a box in front of Lister]

KRYTEN: Perhaps these will help. Your personal artifacts. You asked me to keep them safe.

[Lister takes out a photo]

KRYTEN: Kristine Kochanski. You dated her for three weeks once. Before she discarded you for a catering officer.

LISTER: She's beautiful.

KRYTEN: It's your ambition, sir, somehow to get her back and lie on top of her and move up and down rapidly in that curious way that humans find so agreeable. Personally, I prefer partnership whist.

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